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Aakriti, Student of Sketching

I am Akriti student of fashion sketching course.I like the environment of the institute, colourfull classes and freindly nature of other students.

Teachers are very good and very helpful.Best thing is that there is no time limit.Himanshu Art Institute is best for fashion sketching and fine art.I am enjoying alot and all the staff members are very kind and sweet.

(Student of Sketching)

Ritu Saini, Student of Art & Crafts

My journey with Himanshu Art Institute started since February 2013 but in this short span of time I have learnt and still learning Art-N-Craft in such a manner that once I am done with basic knowledge, it helps me create my ideas with all new different mediums...my teacher, who is the owner himself, teaches the techniques in such a manner that once the object is created or the painting is finished ,the student is well versed with the basics..the environment ,faculty plus the staff members are friendly and will always be there carrying a smile on their face...that never sheds...!!!

(Student of Art & Crafts)

Disha Sharma, Student of Sketching

I Am Disha Sharma student of Still life and Perspective. I like to come here because I learn different types of things and see lots of Craft happening around. There are so many students of different age groups and posts comes for classes. My Preparation for my Entrance is not good at this time, I want to make it better with help of our faculty.

(Student of Sketching)

Malika Gulati, Student of Art & Crafts

Himanshu art Institute is the best art and craft institute in delhi.I have done 6 months Art & Craft course.I enjoyed alot doing my craft work and all staff members.I have learned many things which i have not learned ever.I am proud being Student of himanshu art Institute.I also enjoyed doing workshops.I appreciate all members of himanshu art institute specially Himanshu sir.

(Student of Art & Crafts)

Monica Cornejo, Student of Tanjore Painting

Hello. My name is Monica and I'm from Ecuador. I am living in Delhi from 1 year and I always wanted to study painting, so I'm studying at the Himanshu Art Institute. I'm learning a lot, it's my first time in painting classes and I'm glad in this institute and our teacher.

This picture is mine, is a copy of an adaptation by Spanish photograph named Carmen of the pictures known and very famous, "The Kiss" and "The Tree of Life" of Gustav Klimt, Austrian impressionist painter. When I learn more I can make my own creation

You can see the picture includes many techniques that I have taught at this school, for this reason my picture is very different to the original picture. I'm about to finish my course and I am very happy

Thank You

(Student of Tanjore Painting)

Deepali Kishani, Student of Sketching

Himanshu Art Institute is a great platform to churn innovative ideas in student’s minds. The creatvie atmoephere of the class rooms, filled with designedobjects and larger than life paintings drive students to display their creative side.
I think Himanshu Art Institute can turn any normal average student into a goo one, a good student into a better one, and a better student into the best as far as fields such as sketching, painting etc are concerned.
The teachers are very encouraging and know well what a student requires as a first step towards learning something being from a non art background, I could not believe that the sketching that I had made were actually made by me after the initial few days of my course. Himanshu Art Institute has the ability to make people artists of their over world!

(Student of Sketching)

Vaishali Rastogi, Student of Art & Crafts

I am delighted to have come across Himanshu Art institute in my life.
Being a part of this institute, I would love to state that its being managed by wonderful teachers who specialise in their respective fields and focus on each student to bring out their best. Teachers here, are keen to impart knowledge to all students in a very student friendly manner. Here, we do'nt get confined to our respective courses but being a part of one of the best institutes in Delhi, lot of opportunities knock on our door.
The environment of the institute is very friendly and disciplined. Teachers allow us to explore ourselves to our core and accordingly guide us to the correct way. Best thing is, here we get all the ingredients one needs for a good exploration of arts i.e. freedom of creativity, guidance of teachers, peaceful n fiendly environment.
Thanx Himanshu Sir, Amit Sir, Ravinder Sir, Vaibhav sir for imparting me with the best you could and enabling me to set my career confidently.
Will love to always remain a part of Himanshu Art Institute.

(Student of Art & Crafts)

Dr.Pratima Sharda, Student of Acrylic Painting

I am a privileged student of this Institute, being the senior most student of this Institute.

I am a medical professional and was always interested in Art but because of busy schedule never had a formal training of art.While searching on Internet I came to know about this Institute and with hesitation joined this Institution at the age of 65 years . I am happy with my decision of joining this place and plan to continue as long as possible.

Institute has a very pleasing environment and the place is comfortable In all the seasons.
Students work in a friendly but disciplined atmosphere.
Teachers are very warm and affectionate with a genuine desire to impart knowledge. They have excellent communication skills. They explain ,demonstrate and inspire to students. The most important thing is they have confidence in students .
I wish a very bright future to this Institute.

Dr. Pratima Sharda
Ex. Project Director ,World Bank Project IPP
Ex. Addl. municipal Health Officer ,MCD

(Student of Oil & Acrylic Painting)

Chantanee Seesang, Student of Oil & Acrylic Painting

Hi I'm Chantanee, from Thailand. It's been a great fun for me since I've joined the painting classes at Himanshu Art Institute last December 2011.I met friendly and supportive friends. Teachers are kind and helpful.
Therefore my painting skill's improved.
Thanks to The Institute

(Student of Oil & Acrylic Painting)

Nitesh, Student of Fine Arts

Himanshu Art Institute is a very good Institute. In this Institute teachers are very friendly with the students. The enviornment of this Institute can be adoptable by everyone. Himanshu sir who is the director of the Institute is very nice. There are so many arts which attract students for coming here .
I like all the things of this institute, I would like to come here again and will tell to everyone about this Institute.


(Student of Fine Arts)

Pritha Sethi, Student of Fine Arts

Himanshu Art Institute is a full fledged Institute where my creativity is enhanced very nicely. This is because here the teachers give personal attention to every student which is not given anywhere else.' I ' as student is very much satisfied by what i have been taught. Here we have a friendly enviorment between the teacher-student and among the student also.This does not give you any mental stress and we learn while we enjoy. It is my good luck that i have got admission here as it will help me to make my future the way i want....


(Student of Fine Arts)

Prasant Pudir, Student of Clay Modeling

Great Institute for Arts and Clay Modelling course. You not just learn Art here, you earn the experience like a Professionals having in the field of Art.
Every thing you get here, like Good Faculty, Comfortable Timing, and off-course Fun!!!!!!


(Student of Clay Modeling)

Radhika, Student of Applied Arts

Himanshu Art Institute is the best Institute in all over. Because in that we got more knowledge in all around. The person who does not have the knowledge of drawing, after joining Himanshu Art Institute that person can also do everything in Art, and build their bright future also.That is why this one is the best.


(Student of Appiled Arts)

Rahul Singh, Student of Animation Sketching

Himanshu Art Institute is the best institute in whole delhi for fine arts and the faculties are realy good Amit Sir, Deepak Sir, Himanshu Sir and most sweetest person in whole institute is Sheetal Mam.


(Student of Animation Sketching)

Sonia Rai, Student of Sketching

One year ago, 27th April 2011, the day when I joined Himanshu Art Institute. This day was an amazing day. I met Amit Sir. I had always loved art and especially shading and my entry over here made my shading skills better and shaped it further. And the person who shaped my sklls was Amit Sir I really thank sir to help me learn more abot shading. Then I moved on to portrait making. First it seemed a little difficlt bu Amit Sir made it very easy for me. Then another step to perspective I did not know anything about this topic but after Amit Sir thought me it seems that there is nothing that I don't know about perspective. And now I am learning water colouring like other topics I am sure that Amit sir will make me perfect. This one year went by very soon but in this one year I feel like a family member of this amazing place. And further moving on I hope that my result will be in being good student and making my teacher proud of me. Lastly, I would like to say thanks to amm my teachers from bottom of my heart to have shown trust in me and teach me.


(Student of Sketching)

Harpreet Singh, Student of Applied Arts

Myself Harpreet Singh pursuing Applied Art from Himanshu Art Institute. I am here from last 8 months , I feel that faculty is best from anywhere.Best way of learning for the students and also a best way of practical teaching.Good facilities and good atmosphere.


(Student of Appiled Arts)

Pallavi Khanduri, Student of Art & Crafts

Himanshu Art Institute is the one of the finest Art Institute of Delhi . It has got dedicated and knowledgeable faculty to cater all age groups from Kids to Professionals in the field of art and craft


(Student of Art & Crafts)

Pankaj Singh Gandi, Student of Fine Arts

Its my honour to be here at Himanshu Art Institute, to study here, to be guided by the best - Himanshu sir, Amit sir and sunil sir.
I find such an ease here, such a friendly atomsphere and personal guidence provided by the Faculty.


(Student of Art & Crafts)

Swati Aggarwal, Student of Fine Arts

Hi i am Swati, student of Himanshu Art Institute,i am here for about last 6 months and I am very glad to be a part of Himanshu Art Institute. This is the only institute where you can have so comfortable timing and faculty how teach u so kindly n softly.


(Student of Fine Arts)

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