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Best Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts in Delhi, Gurgaon, Modinagar, Chandigarh, India
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HIMANSHU ART INSTITUTE A Complete Institute of Fine Arts & Crafts in Delhi, Gurgaon, Modinagar, Chandigarh, India. visit the web site www.himanshuartinstitute.com, www.himanshuartinstitute.co.in, www.instituteoffineart.com for the original and recent artworks of Himanshu Art Institute students. HIMANSHU ART INSTITUTE - A COMPLETE INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS & CRAFTS IN DELHI, GURGAON & MODINAGAR , offers DIPLOMA AND CERTIFICATE COURSES IN Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Sculpture, Animation Sketching, Live Sketching, Art & Crafts, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Still Life & Perspective, Freehand Drawing, Fashion Sketching, Landscapes, Nature Drawing, Water Colour, Photo Color SHORT TERMS CRASH COURSES IN Basic Art for Beginner, Entrance Exam Preparation, Pencil Shading, Fashion Illustrations, Still Life & Compossition, Perspective, Calligraphy Writing, Entrance Coaching Classes for College of Art, Clay Modeling. HOBBY COURSES FOR ALL AGE GROUPS IN Quilling Arts, Soft Toy Making, Flower Making, Candle Making, Fabric Painting, Paper Mache, Gift Packing, Paper Craft, Bread Craft, Photo Frames, Relief Work, Tanjore Painting, Batik Painting, Miniature Painting, Madhubani Painting, Kalamkari. HOBBY COURSES FOR SCHOOL STUDENTS IN Freehand Drawing, Still Life & Compossition, Sketching, Art and Craft, Clay Modeling, Hand Writing Improvement, Classes to make Hand Made Art Cards for Birthday Parties, Wedding, Aniversary, Diwali, Holi, Mother Day, Father Day, Teacher Day, Valentines Day, Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day, Republic Day, Christmas, New Year Party. Art Education to Improve Art Skills for Children to Do their School Art Needs (Science Diagrams) on their Own Sketching, Shading with Pencils, Pastel Color, Crayons Colour etc. HOBBY COURSES FOR KIDS IN Drawing & Painting, Art and Craft. DIGITAL ART COURSES IN Digital Art and Graphic, Digital Creative Art, Graphic Designing. CREATIVE WORKSHOPS FOR School and Clubs, Summer and Winter Camps for House Wives, School Students, Ladies and Girls. We Provide also Adult art Courses, Entrance Exams Prepparation classes for College Students Who Operate for Design, Fashion Technology, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Applied arts, Commericial Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts - Painting, Bachelor of Fine Arts - Applied Art. Training to Prepare for Art Competitions, Contests, Art Demonstrations, Art Exhibitions. The Art Courses, Art and Craft Crash Courses, Crash Art Classes, Hobby Art Classes, Professional Art Courses are Designed with Unique & Easy Drawing & Painting Techniques Suites for All Ages. SYLLABUS FOR FINE ARTS / APPLIED ARTS Art Courses Includes Art Theory- Introduction of Arts, History of Indian Art, History of Western Art, History of Modern Indian Art, History of Western Modern Art, Methods & Materials, Movement of Pencil, Gemotrical Drawing, Freehand Drawing, Perspective Drawing, Eye Level Study, Still Life & Compossion, Object Drawing, Outdoor Study, Portrait Study, Stick Drawing, Live Study, Outdoor Sketching, Live Sketching, Live Portraits, Creative Drawings, Shading, Lighting Effects, Painting Techniques, Color Theory, Colour Combination, Study About Indian Classical Art, Western Art, Modern Art, Indian Traditional Art, Tribal Art, Folk Art, Art Themes. Art of Impressionism, Expressionism. Color Theory- Knowing About Colors- Pigments and Color Lights, Color Concepts, Ideas to Improve Color Sense, Color Composition Exercises, How to Design Art Posters, Greeting Cards, Visiting Cards, Effects of Colors in Relationship with Human Moods. visit www.instituteoffineart.com for Children Paintings , Children Art Courses & Artist's Paintings, Art Projects. Our Organisation NAV SHRI ART & CULTURE ORGANISATION Regd. with Govt. of N.C.T of Delhi is Dedicated to Cultural Expression, Create Awareness of Artists and Art of all Kinds and from all Places. The Organisation is Striving Towards Making Art of Expression a Respectable Employment for the Poor & Needy People. We do this by Providing Financial Assistance of Providing them Right Platform to Groom their Talent and Gain their Rightful Place in Society. Towards this End Our Organisation has Taken Many Steps Which are Detailed below - Free Art Camps, Creative & Workshops, Stage Performance, Free Training of Related Art, Exhibitions, Employment Facility According Work, Art Exhibitions to Encourage Children & Kids, Art Events in India. We Also have Art Classes for 3D Painting Classes, Abstract Painting Course, Acrylic Painting Classes, Alpana Art, Aluminum Painting Hobby Classes, Anatomy Drawing Classes, Animated Art, Art of Waste Material, Bamboo Art Classes, Batik Painting Classes, Block Printing Course, Bread Craft Hobby Classes, Bubble Painting Classes for Kids, Calligraphy Painting, Calligraphy Writing Classes, Candle Making Workshop, Caricature, Cartoons, Ceramic Painting, Chalk Painting Classes, Charcoal Shading Classes, Clay Modeling Classes, Collage Painting Classes, Commericial Art, Composition, Cotton Art, Crayons Colour, Crayons Resist, Creative Art Classes, Croquel Painting Classes, Decopatch, Decorative Art, Devotional Painting, Digital Art, Drapery Study, Dry Leaf Art, Dry Crayons Colour, Egg Art, Emboss Painting Classes, Enamel Painting, Envelopes Designing, Fabric Painting Hobby Classes, Fashion Illustrations Courses, Finger Painting Classes, Fire Painting Classes, Florika Painting Hobby Classes, Flower Making Classes for Girls, Foliage Painting Class,Freehand Drawing, Funny Art Classes, Gateway Art, Gift Packing Hobby Classes, Glass Painting Classes, Gond Art Classes, Gum Art Classes, Halftone Work Classes, Handmade Cards Hobby Classes, Hand Writing Classes, Historical Art Hobby Classes, Ice Stick Art Hobby Classes, Illustrations Course, Impressionist painting Classes, Instalation classes, Kalamkari Hobby Classes, Knife Painting Classes, Kolam Painting Classes, Lamasa Classes, Landscape Hobby Classes, Leaf Painting workshop, Lino Cut Classes, Lithography Workshop, Live Drawing Classes, Madhubani Painting, Magic Art Classes, Mandana Art Hobby Classes, Marble Painting Hobby Classes, Mask Painting, Mat Painting Classes, Match Stick Art Workshop, Mattel Painting Classes, Mehandi Designing Workshop, Miniature Painting Classes, Mirror Glass Art Workshop, Mixed Media hobby Classes, Model Making Workshop, Modern Art Painting Classes, Mosaic Painting Workshop, Mural Art Workshop, Nail Painting Classes, Nib Painting Workshop, Oil Painting Hobby Classes, Oil Pastel Classes, Colour Painting Classes, Origami Workshop, P.O.P Work Classes, Paint Flicking Classes, Paper Bags Workshop, Paper Craft Workshop, Paper Mache Workshop, Patch Work Workshop, Pattern Making Hobby Classes, Pearl Art Workshop, Pen & Ink Hobby Classes, Pencil Colour Classes, Pencil Shading Classes, Perspective Workshop, Photo Frames Workshop, Popup Cards Hobby Classes, Portrait Painting Classes, Poster colour Painting Classes, Poster Designing Workshop, Pot Painting Hooby Classes, Pottery Making Woekshop, Print Making Classes, Punch Craft Workshop, Quilling Art Painting Classes, Rajsthani Jharokha Workshop, Rajsthani Painting Classes, Rangoli Workshop, Relief Painting Classes, Reproduction Course, Sand Painting Workshop, Scratch Art Painting Classes, Sculpture Workshop, Set Designing Classes, Shilpkar Art Painting Classes, Silk Painting Workshop, Silk Screen Painting Workshop, Smoke painting Hobby Classes, Soft Pastel Painting Classes, Soft Toy Making Workshop, Spice Painting Classes, Sponge Painting Classes,Spray Painting Workshop, Stain Glass Workshop, Stamp Painting Hobby Classes, Stencil Painting Classes, Stick Drawing Painting Classes, Still Life Workshop, Strippling Painting Painting Classes, Tanjore Painting Classes, Terracotta Workshop, Texture Art Painting, Tharmacol Painting Classes, Theme Art Workshop, Tile Painting Classes, Wall Painting Classes, Warli Painting Classes, Water Colour Painting Classes, Wax Painting Workshop, Wood Cut Workshop, Wood Painting Classes. Our FINE ARTS STUDIO is one of the Art Studio in Delhi to Display Your Original ART, PAINTING, SCULPTURE, COMMERICIAL & DESIGNING WORK, Decorative Paintings Available in Our FINE ARTS STUDIO to Hang at Home, Offices, Hotels, Showrooms, Malls, Restaurants, Clubs, Shops, Art for Sale to Beautify Your Interiors. WE ARE ALSO PROVIDING ART TUITIONS, HOME TUITION, HOME CLASSES AND ART TUTORS FOR HOME, ART FACULTY, Art Educator, Art Teacher, Art Faculty, Art Masters, Creative Artists, Commericial Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Carricature Artist, Impressionists, Comic Illustrators, Art Magazine.

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