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A disheveled look and uncompromising attitude were the hallmarks of a struggling artist a few years ago. Today, artists all over the world are cavorting their way into the corporate world. Globalization has opened avenues in the commercial world for students majoring in arts. The modern society has embraced fine arts as a mainstream profession.

The creative industry has become competitive, but that's symptomatic of the dedication and passion an artist associates with his work.

Artists are transforming their love for arts into a lucrative profession. Freelancing is not the only option to earn a six digit monthly income. Stipendiary positions can range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000.

A trained artist can find employment opportunities with animation companies. An illustrator or graphic designer is another highly remunerative job opportunity. Expansive requisition in top notch Internet firms, and electronic and print media has been observed over the past few decades. It opens new vistas in the fashion and textile industry, furniture designing and interior decoration set-ups.

Conventional prospects include freelancer, teachers, art instructors, visualizers, designers, art designers, illustrators, photographers and editors.

For an art aspirant, sharpened artistic skills and keen aesthetics are critical but not sufficient. Mercantilism is essential for every artist to sustain himself. Communication skills, business ethics and e-commerce are futile for an artist aiming to thrive in this arena.

A career in fine arts will transform your passion into profession.

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